Meret Art studio consists of Aliona and her two daughters

Isabella and Anna (yes, they are twins).

We’re a creative family that loves art as much as we love cats.

Which is a lot.

Aliona Meret

Aliona Meret was born the year 1965 in Mosow and is now the founder and owner of Alvens Ateljé in Sweden, an art gallery, shop, and atelier.

Anna Meret

Anna Meret, born the year 2000 in Sweden, has studied at Uppsala Waldorf school and Hagströmska Gymnasiet with fashion design. Anna is now studying Eurythmy in Ytterjärna and is working as an Eurytmy teacher at Uppsala Waldorf school. She has also been active as a professional fire artist and traveled across the country performing (including for the King and Queen of Sweden). Besides Eurytmy, Anna has her own firm where she works with applied arts for Alvens Ateljé in Ulva Kvarn and with face painting. She has since 2014 written down her dreams and has managed to collect 4 books worth of inspiration for her exhibition “Reality of Dreams”.

Isabella Meret

Isabella Meret born the year 2000 in Uppsala went to Uppsala waldorf school and at Hagströmska gymnasiet studying fashion design. She has been active as a professional fire artist, preforming throughout the country and even for the King and Queen of Sweden. Besides being an artist, Isabella now works as a professional face painter, Eurythmy teacher at Uppsala Waldorf school, and with applied arts at Alvens Ateljé in Ulva Kvarn.